News Adapting To Users

Everyday technology is changing and that means that Journalism will have to change their way of getting the information out to people. With technology around, everybody wants to be able to search for something or connect with someone with just a few seconds. With technology, anything is possible and that’s what the users like.

In an article written by Lez Hester on Talking Biz News, she talks about the Society of American Business Editors and Writers fall conference and how social networking are changing the way people are getting their info. People like getting immediate feedback when reading about something.

Journalism companies would have to make their viewers satisfied and have someone there answering all the comments people make online. Technology has made it to where people expect an answer right away.

On NewsView, Franks talks about how mobile devices, e-readers, and other new technology affects the journalism world today. More people want their news on the go, not just when they are at home and available to watch the news or read the newspaper.

Instead of making money off of the newspapers, now journalists are making money off of how many clicks they get online or the advertising on their webpages. Journalism  soon would be more about getting the news out faster because of the way everyone uses technology.