Keep Going Back

Why do so many people go online for their news when there are so much fake news going around?

Some people tend to believe the first thing they see online or have heard of and spreads it around. Even if  you aren’t saying it through your own mouth, a retweet on Twitter is basically the same thing.

For example, with the Boston bombing, it seemed like there was a lot of pointing fingers at people who did not even do anything. Crowdsourcing happens a lot and this is one of those times that it happened.

There is that one in a million chance that if you post someone that looks suspicious, it could or could not be the actual suspect.

It’s like gossip but for people online, but it’s not really private. More like it’s to everyone who has connection to the internet.

It doesn’t just have to be about an incident that happened, people can also create rumors online.

Would you believe it if someone on your Twitter was posting about a deadly flu going around?

This does seem to happen and even though we all know there are things like this online, we still keep going back for more information on the web.

The web just seems too good for us users to stop going back for more.

It seems to me like if we get what we want, we eliminate the bad in our head.


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