Key Words

Every time I read a book, my brother would always ask me why I read for fun and who does that anymore. He says he would rather have a summary of what happen or wait for a movie to come out for the book.

With the web being around, most people have gotten used to the easy way around things.

When using a search engine, you can type a word and it could be found in the articles for you already. You don’t even have to read each article word by word to find what you are looking for.

I feel like people tend to skim through articles online more than read it. Even I skim through some articles that I don’t want to read.

If I was looking for a certain word, I would skim the article and continue reading from that point.

I don’t feel like the web is making anyone stupid but it just makes us used to shorter lengths of texts on a page. From Facebook feeds to Twitter status, these are only about 140 characters or less.

So why would we continue to use the web if it makes us read less?

We want information fast and straight to the point.





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