Outside People

Back in 2008, I would play this game called DOMO online with my sister, brothers, and cousins. We would talk about these terms that only people who play the game knew about.

I think this is what people with an online community want. Having someone who has the same interest as you and understands you.

When playing the game online, we got to meet a lot of great new people. We would usually team up with these people online, who we do not know and only meet on the game.

It was like we were building our own community in the game. We had a place where we would stay in the game together.

We weren’t physically next to each other but in the game, it seems like we were. We knew each other through the game.

Even though my sister, brothers, cousins, and I all knew each other, we were still a part of this online community we created. It’s just like Facebook and how you know some people personally and others you just know them. It’s still an online community since you all share the same space.

Online community can just be you talking with a lot of people who have the same interest as you. Once people start to know you more, it’s like you are talking to a friend.

Being in the same community doesn’t have to be that you are in the same town anymore, it’s more than that now because of the internet.



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