Oh no! The internet is down!

I don’t know about anyone else but I think by the end of a week, I would have knitted clothes for at least FOUR families. I wouldn’t know what else to do with my free time.

The first week of being in my apartment with my sister, the internet wasn’t connected yet and I was constantly talking with my sister. Bringing up useless conversation, just because I can.

I imagine people would start meeting with families and friends OUTSIDE of their houses more. There would be more face to face time with people.

But it’s not like I would go meeting random people on the streets, or would I? There are people who meet other people online, so without the internet, what would people do?

It’s like if we had some websites down but not just for a few hours. There wouldn’t be anymore Facebook feed, Twitter updates, or Tumblr posts.

This reminds me of my cousin calling me after a power outage, telling me to update her on anything that I hear, since the internet was also down. This shows that we want to be up to date with everything.

In the end, we would be like Syria, having their internet down temporarily. The IP addresses of everyone would be gone. No more traces of people on this continent online.

I do exist…just not to the people outside of the US. The internet gives us a lot of communication to people around the world.


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